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All KNUST Humanities and Social Science Courses and their Prospective Career Paths

Today, we here on NewsBit Gh will share with you the List of All Humanities and Social Science Courses offered at KNUST. Take your time and go through the list thoroughly.

All Humanities and Social Science Courses offered at KNUST

Below is a full list of Humanities and Social Science Courses offered at KNUST.

  1. Bachelor of Laws (LLB)
  2. LLB (Degree Holders Only) (Fee-Paying)
  3. BA. Economics
  4. BA. English
  5. BA. Geography and Rural Development
  6. BA. History
  7. BA. Political Studies
  8. BA. Akan Language and Culture
  9. BA. French and Francophone Studies
  10. BA. Linguistics
  11. BA. Media and Communication
  12. BA. Religious Studies
  13. BA. Sociology
  14. BA. Social Work

Certainly! Here are 40 examples of humanities and social science jobs after university, along with a brief explanation of each:

1. Human Resources Manager: Oversee the recruitment, training, and development of employees within an organization.

2. Social Worker: Provide support and assistance to individuals, families, and communities facing various challenges.

3. Public Relations Specialist: Manage and maintain the public image and reputation of an organization or individual.

4. Market Research Analyst: Conduct research to gather data and insights on market trends and consumer behavior.
5. Journalist: Research, investigate, and report news and current events for various media outlets.

6. Historian: Study and interpret historical events, periods, and cultures to gain insights into the past.

7. Psychologist: Assess, diagnose, and provide therapy to individuals experiencing mental and emotional challenges.

8. Nonprofit Program Coordinator: Manage and coordinate programs and initiatives for nonprofit organizations.

9. Policy Analyst: Analyze and evaluate public policies and provide recommendations for improvement.

10. Museum Curator: Manage and preserve collections of artifacts and artwork in museums.

11. Public Health Educator: Educate and promote awareness of health and wellness issues within communities.

12. Linguist: Study languages and their structures, as well as language acquisition and usage.

13. International Development Officer: Plan and implement projects for social and economic development in international settings.

14. Community Organizer: Mobilize and engage communities to address social issues and promote positive change.

15. Legal Assistant: Provide administrative and research support to lawyers and legal professionals.

16. Cultural Anthropologist: Study and analyze the cultural practices, beliefs, and behaviors of different societies.

17. Diversity and Inclusion Specialist: Develop and implement strategies to promote diversity and inclusivity within organizations.

18. Political Scientist: Research and analyze political systems, policies, and trends.

19. Education Consultant: Provide guidance and expertise in educational practices and curriculum development.

20. Urban Planner: Develop plans and policies for the use and development of urban areas.

21. Foreign Service Officer: Represent and promote the interests of a country in international relations and diplomacy.

22. Social Media Manager: Manage and implement social media strategies for organizations to increase brand awareness and engagement.

23. Ethical Hacker: Conduct security assessments and penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities in computer systems.

24. Human Rights Advocate: Promote and protect human rights through advocacy, education, and policy initiatives.

25. Archivist: Preserve and manage records and documents of historical and cultural significance.

26. Advertising Copywriter: Create persuasive and engaging written content for advertising campaigns.

27. Environmental Planner: Develop plans and policies to promote sustainable development and environmental conservation.

28. Cultural Events Coordinator: Organize and coordinate cultural events and festivals to celebrate diversity and heritage.

29. Immigration Officer: Process immigration applications and ensure compliance with immigration laws and regulations.

30. Rehabilitation Counselor: Assist individuals with disabilities in achieving independence and employment.

31. Market Analyst: Analyze market trends, competitor strategies, and consumer behavior to support business decision-making.

32. College Admissions Counselor: Guide and support students in the college application process.

33. Social Policy Researcher: Conduct research on social issues and policy implications to inform decision-making.

34. Fundraising Manager: Plan and implement fundraising campaigns to secure financial support for organizations.

35. Humanitarian Aid Worker: Provide assistance and support to communities affected by natural disasters or conflicts.

36. Corporate Social Responsibility Manager: Develop and implement strategies to promote social and environmental responsibility within organizations.

37. Public Administrator: Manage and coordinate operations and services for government agencies and non-profit organizations.

38. Market Researcher: Conduct surveys and analyze data to gain insights into consumer preferences and market trends.

39. Youth Counselor: Provide guidance and support to young individuals facing personal challenges or crises.

40. Grant Writer: Prepare and submit proposals to secure funding for nonprofit organizations and research projects.

These are just a few examples of the diverse career options available in the fields of humanities and social sciences. Each career offers unique opportunities for personal and professional growth, and the specific job responsibilities may vary depending on the organization and industry.


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