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Legon Student Vying For President Of POSSA Promises to take students abroad when voted into Power

As the new academic year approaches, the Political Science Students’ Association (POSSA) at the University of Ghana Legon is gearing up for its upcoming elections to select new leaders for the 2023/2024 academic year. Among the aspirants are two promising students, Richard Frimpong Boadu, popularly known as Nana Kay, and his running mate, Jerome Ego K. Tsagbo.

The dynamic duo has captured the attention of their fellow students with an inspiring manifesto that outlines five key initiatives they plan to implement if elected to lead the association. Their top priority is to provide POSSA students with the necessary knowledge and materials to pursue educational opportunities abroad.

Richard and Jerome’s “Study Abroad Workshop” initiative aims to address the challenges faced by both graduates and undergraduates in making study abroad decisions.

Under their administration, they intend to organize Zoom sessions featuring experts who will guide and inform POSSA members about scholarship opportunities and study abroad guidelines.

In addition to the study abroad program, the aspiring leaders have outlined four other policies. One of them is the establishment of a 60th-anniversary scholarship fund, aimed at supporting academically deserving students within the association.

Furthermore, they plan to introduce a POSSA complaint box, providing students with a confidential platform to voice their concerns and suggestions, thus fostering a more open and responsive leadership approach.

In a bid to alleviate the perennial accommodation challenges faced by students, Richard and Jerome promise to secure additional bed slots at various hostels exclusively for POSSA members, ensuring a more conducive living and learning environment.

Lastly, the visionary pair aims to open a skills school tailored specifically to meet the needs of POSSA members. This initiative seeks to equip students with essential practical skills, augmenting their academic knowledge and increasing their employability prospects.

The election, which has captured the enthusiasm of the entire student-body, promises to be a fiercely contested one, as students rally behind their preferred candidates.

The winner of the election will bear the responsibility of shaping the course of POSSA, driving initiatives that will impact the lives and futures of the association’s members.

With Richard and Jerome’s compelling manifesto, they have piqued the interest of the student population, offering a mouthwatering vision of a more enriched and fulfilling academic experience for all POSSA members.

As the election day draws near, the campus community eagerly awaits the outcome, anticipating a new chapter in the history of the Political Science Students’ Association at the University of Ghana, Legon.


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