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International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) Invites Job Applications

IFDC invite applications from eligible individual to occupy the position of Database Development and Mapping Specialist – FERARI 


Over the past decade or so Ghana has embarked on an agenda to develop its fertilizer sector. Essential components to stimulate this development is the identification of the site and crop specific need for the amount and composition of plant nutrients, i.e., balanced fertilizers. This need for balanced fertilizers changes over time as well due to year-to-year weather variability and long-term changes in climate. Understanding the spatio-temporal drivers that determine the need for fertilizers calls for the application of various quantitate methodologies in agricultural science and excellent skills in programming and computer technology.

IFDC is leading a 5-year program that integrates research and educational in an implementation path, with the aim to transform the Ghanaian fertilizer sector for sustainable agricultural development.  The transformation is driven by evidence-based agro-technical perspectives embedded in multi-stakeholder processes to create enabling conditions for adoption of appropriate balanced fertilizers by smallholder farmers.

Managing such a massive program is complex that requires a tool and well-functioning data management and quantitative analytical methods to ensure that the program is effective in targeting the required locations and intended people. The system should be able to arrive at scientifically solid crop- and site-specific fertilizer recommendations that are visualized for easy access by third a non-scientific audience.

Scope of Work

Our FERARI program needs a highly qualified specialist/scientist on database management and advanced statistical and spatial analyses, including the use of machine learning methods. We are looking for a colleague with a BSc/MSc equivalent in computer science and experience in development of advanced spatial methodologies, preferably with some basic training in agriculture. This implies that the candidate understands the importance of database integrity in terms of efficiency and security, has a very good working knowledge of statistical and spatial analysis tools such as GIS and programming in languages such as R, Python, Java Scripts and SQL.

Key Job Responsibilities

  • Create database management procedures
  • Evaluate data analysis models and procedures
  • Monitor and maintain system health and security
  • Provide end-to-end technical support and problem resolution
  • Develop spatial maps using advanced statistical methodologies, including machine, deep learning and remote sensing methods.
  • Participate in FERARIs cross-training program
  • Ability to program or willingness to learn
  • Support internal staff
  • Provide technical assistance to support student thesis and dissertation

Required Experience


  • An MSc degree or equivalent in computer sciences, Geoinformation Science, preferably with basic training in agricultural sciences (crop modelling).
  • Evidence of excellence in computer skills
  • Excellent in Geographical Information System software use (ArcGIS, QGIS, GEE, GEODA, etc) and good experience in R, Python, Java Scripts and SQL programming
  • Experience in the use of leading applications in computers, including machine learning and remote sensing methodologies
  • Preferably a few years of relevant working experience.
  • Pleasant and effective communication and writing skills

How To Apply For This Job

Submit your CV and Application on Company Website: Click Here To Apply Online

Closing Date: 28th August. 2022

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