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How to check your KNUST results

The tension surrounding results is so much that as a student checking your grades shouldn’t be a difficult task.

These are five simple steps to check your results if you`re a KNUST student via the Aim app.

1. Open your KNUST aim app.

2. Login with your credentials as sent to you upon receiving admission.

3. Create a 4-pin digit code.

4. In the “quick access” area, click results.

5. Input your 4-pin digit code and voila! You can see your results arranged according to academic year and semester.



You can check your results via a browser too as well. sometimes you may have issues downloading the Aim app . Simply follow these steps.

1. Log in to the student apps portal, with your student credentials, use preferably these search engines (google chrome or Mozilla Firefox)

2. Click and select “check results”.

3. Select the academic year and semester result you want to be displayed.

4. Click “display results”

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