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All Business-related Courses Offered at KNUST and some 60 High-paying Jobs You Can do with a Business Degree

Today, we here on Newbit Gh will share with you the List of all Business-related courses available at KNUST. we also share with you some career options that comes with it.

Take your time and go through the list below thoroughly.

All Business courses offered at KNUST

Below is a full list of Business courses offered at KNUST.

  1. BSc. Business Administration (Human Resource Management /Management)
  2. BSc. Business Administration (Human Resource Management /Management) (Obuasi Campus)
  3. BSc. Business Administration (Marketing/International Business)
  4. BSc. Business Administration (Marketing/International Business) (Obuasi Campus)
  5. BSc. Business Administration (Accounting / Banking and Finance)
  6. BSc. Business Administration (Accounting / Banking and Finance) (Obuasi Campus)
  7. BSc. Business Administration (Logistics and Supply Chain Management/Business Information Technology)
  8. BSc. Business Administration (Logistics and Supply Chain Management/Business Information Technology) (Obuasi Campus)
  9. BSc. Hospitality and Tourism Management

Certainly! Here are 40 high-paying jobs for individuals who have studied business-related courses as undergraduates, along with a brief explanation of each:

1. Chief Executive Officer (CEO): The highest-ranking executive in a company, responsible for overall strategic direction and decision-making.

2. Investment Banker: Facilitate mergers, acquisitions, and financial transactions for corporate clients.

3. Management Consultant: Advise organizations on how to improve efficiency, strategy, and operations.

4. Financial Manager: Oversee financial activities and develop strategies to maximize profitability.

5. Marketing Manager: Develop and implement marketing strategies to promote products or services and increase market share.

6. Sales Director: Lead sales teams and develop sales strategies to achieve revenue targets.

7. Operations Manager: Manage day-to-day operations of a company to ensure efficiency and productivity.

8. Human Resources Manager: Oversee employee recruitment, training, and development, as well as employee relations.

9. Business Development Manager: Identify new business opportunities and develop strategic partnerships.

10. Supply Chain Manager: Manage the flow of goods and services from suppliers to customers, optimizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

11. Financial Analyst: Analyze financial data and provide insights to support investment decisions.

12. Data Analyst: Collect, analyze, and interpret large datasets to drive business decision-making.

13. Risk Manager: Identify and mitigate potential risks to a company’s operations and financial health.

14. Product Manager: Manage the development and launch of new products or services.

15. Brand Manager: Develop and execute strategies to build and maintain a strong brand identity.

16. E-commerce Manager: Oversee online sales platforms and develop strategies to drive online revenue.

17. Project Manager: Lead and coordinate projects from initiation to completion, ensuring timely delivery and adherence to budget.

18. Financial Controller: Monitor financial activities, prepare financial statements, and ensure compliance with regulations.

19. Investment Analyst: Evaluate investment opportunities and make recommendations based on financial analysis.

20. Public Relations Manager: Manage communication and media relations to enhance the reputation of a company or organization.

21. Market Research Analyst: Collect and analyze data to identify market trends and consumer preferences.

22. International Trade Specialist: Facilitate and manage international trade operations and agreements.

23. Corporate Lawyer: Provide legal advice and counsel on corporate matters and ensure compliance with laws and regulations.

24. Entrepreneur: Start and manage your own business venture, taking risks and pursuing opportunities.
25. Venture Capitalist: Invest in early-stage companies with high growth potential.

26. Real Estate Developer: Identify and develop real estate projects, such as residential or commercial properties.

27. Management Accountant: Prepare and analyze financial information to support management decision-making.

28. Tax Consultant: Provide expert advice on tax planning and compliance for individuals and businesses.

29. Investment Manager: Manage investment portfolios on behalf of clients, maximizing returns and minimizing risks.

30. Logistics Manager: Plan and coordinate the movement of goods and services to ensure efficient supply chain operations.

31. Business Analyst: Analyze business processes and systems to identify areas for improvement and recommend solutions.

32. Compliance Officer: Ensure that a company complies with relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards.

33. Product Marketing Manager: Develop and implement marketing strategies specific to a company’s products or services.

34. Treasury Analyst: Monitor and manage a company’s cash flow and liquidity to optimize financial performance.

35. Corporate Trainer: Develop and deliver training programs to enhance employee skills and knowledge.

36. Sales Operations Manager: Manage sales support activities, such as sales forecasting, pipeline management, and performance tracking.

37. Customer Relationship Manager: Build and maintain strong relationships with customers to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.

38. Business Intelligence Analyst: Gather and analyze data to generate insights and support business decision-making.

39. Procurement Manager: Oversee the procurement process, including supplier selection and contract negotiation.

40. Retail Buyer: Select and purchase merchandise for retail stores, ensuring the right products are available at the right time and price.

These are just a few examples of high-paying jobs that individuals with a business-related undergraduate degree can pursue. The actual salary for each job may vary depending on factors such as location, industry, and years of experience.


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