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8 Best Ways to Apply Perfumes for a Long-Lasting Effect

What if you get to know after reading this article that most of the ways we apply perfume is wrong and the cause of why we usually don’t have a long-lasting perfume experience.

We often purchase expensive fragrances enthusiastically in the hope that they would be long-lasting, but we end up getting disappointed.

One secret most people have not noticed is that there are proper ways of applying perfumes for their effectiveness. Before you begin applying your perfume;

1. Take a shower 


Wash and clean your body thoroughly with a sweet, scented soap. Taking a warm shower opens the pores on your skin to receive the perfume.

2. Moist your skin with an unscented or scented body lotion


Perfume when applied on a dry skin evaporates so fast, that’s why it’s worth it moisturizing you skin first. Imagine pouring water on a dry soil.

3. Make sure you apply the perfume at pulse areas


Pulse areas are the points that are warm and moist because the veins are closer to the skin. Pulse points are your neck, wrist, back of your ears, back of your knee, your abdomen, cleavage and inside of your elbows.

4. Apply from a distance 


Applying your perfume from a distance helps avoid staining in clothes. it also gives evenly spread of the perfume. The recommended distance to apply perfume is 5-8 inches wide to prevent large drops of the perfume.

5. Avoid rubbing the perfume after spraying


we usually have the temptations of rubbing perfumes after spraying on the skin, but this practice is wrong as it clears off the top notes of the perfume. This decreases the perfume’s longevity.

6. Always Practice layering


Layering in the perfumery art is the applying of two or more perfumes for a nice blend starting from a more intense fragrance to a lighter intense fragrance. I bet this would go a long way to help.

7. Spray your Hair too


It’s one secret to smell good as the perfume lasts longer on the hair even than the skin. Note to use small droplets of perfume on your hair, this is because the alcohol in your perfume when applied plentiful would make your hair very dry.
NB: Apply perfume to freshly washed hair

8. Don’t apply perfume on clothes and Jewelries


Clothes and Jewelries are too dry to apply perfume on them. The perfume would evaporate as soon as possible leaving a little amount of smell.

Also, most perfumes stains clothe. Chemicals in your perfume damage you Jewelries too, it is notable not to apply perfumes on your Jewelries.

Worthy Gist; most often the best perfumes come in small packages.  No, this is not a marketing strategy but an experience and a free advice.


As much as we love to smell good, i believe the above mentions tips will guide you the right ways to applying perfumes especially for a long-lasting effect.

Now feel good and smell better.

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